Oxley’s furniture is made of a combination of high grade aluminium castings and profiles.

For the castings the molten metal is poured into sand moulds which have been shaped to form the original hand carved design. The metal cools in its own time and the sand mould is then broken (each mould can only be used once) to extract the new casting.

Each casting is then worked by hand until it is ready to be welded to another casting or profile. The profiles can be formed to create different frame shapes. Each item of furniture is thus built up slowly using many individual pieces until finally it is complete. It then goes through the blast process where it is pelted at enormous velocity with manganese shot to remove any rough edges and create a physical key for the paint process. A chemical primer is applied and then the final colour. These last two stages are done in high temperature ovens. Each item is therefore unique.

The quality of aluminium furniture you buy depends entirely on the amount of material that is used in the manufacture of the castings and the time and care taken to prepare it before painting.

Done the Oxley’s way, it will last generations.


All Oxley’s furniture comes with a comprehensive product warranty - a testament to years of manufacturing experience and the use of the best materials and techniques. Oxley’s extends a life long conditional warranty on the structural integrity of the furniture. In the unlikely event of the furniture failing structurally during normal domestic usage, the item would be replaced at the earliest opportunity.